Batman & Gordon Commission.

Little Red Riding Hood commission. ~~

Snufkin -Moomins/ Nuuskamuikkunen - Muumit

I love Snufkin <3 BUT I LOVE HIS DAD JOXTER MORE <3<3<3

I started to draw everything else what I planned to draw xD Well these are ”Hol-Wat kids” what I once draw for Losty in livejournal. It was fun to draw them again. ~~

Okay last iScribble pic for tonight. :”D

Erik - Charles , X-men first class.

iScribble again XD Other people draw something from Sherlock and I did… Martin!Bilbo and Dragon!Sherlock : V : … oops <3

Commission, YES they should look like George and Ringo from The Beatles. ~~

And sorry that Ringo don’t have his amazing nose but my chibis hardly have even nose XDDDD

Cabin Pressure - Commission 2 :)

Thank you all who livestream with me <3

I haven’t draw anything realistic for ages :”D




guatre!! And done! :”’D

NEVER AGAIN. Well… maybe one day again but not too soon. I don’t have patience for these too often. ( >___> ) …

I just hope my mom’s friend likes it ~~   

Supernatural Birthday picture/mini-Comic for my friend Wishurn ~~ Her SPN pictures are so great :DD <3

Sorry for my English : V :

Bigger version HERE.

Gamzee & Tavros from Homestuck AGAIN. I hope Päivi is happy now, I DRAW HOMESTUCK FANART. BE HAPPY ::: D I blame Anniina

Fast SPN - Gabriel & Castiel pic :”D Cas is sad and Gabe is trying to cheer him up or something like that :P

Commission again ~~ 

My first Livestream was fun! Thank you all who came! :>

Commission. BBC Sherlock & John ~~

Gabriel wants to give something to his bro. 

And LOL. It’s G-abriel! not C-abriel hahahahahah ~~ I hate my english. XDDD